5 Methods for Easing Through Confusion.

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Today I’m going to touch on the topic of Confusion. I am seeking to answer a couple of questions here from my own perspective.

1. What is confusion?
2. Why can confusion be so painful?
3. How can I release the confusion?
4. What are the good aspects of confusion

Living a successful life is all about gathering information to learn new concepts and new tasks. This means plenty of potential confusion to deal with. So, what is confusion?

What is Confusion for me?

Let me work this out with an example from when I was attending College. I had to take an Intermediate Algebra class. I know for many of you a class like this might be a walk in the park but for an ex using addict like myself it was a different story.

But lets back track a tiny bit. For many years I lived experimenting in very unhealthy ways. I bypassed basically all forms of Algebra, and most other forms of healthy learning. This made my learning very difficult once I had to face it at University.

Sometimes I would sit and rack my damn brain trying to figure out the way to solve the equations. There were times when I was ready to throw my computer out the window and literally beat my head against a wall. But thankfully I never did either of those.

After a 45-minute study session, sometimes I would have my brain thoroughly twisted into a knot. Of course brains do not twist in knots. Though there are a ton of times where the gaps between what I knew and what needed to be known, were painfully very far apart.

I don’t know the exact science of what is going on inside my brain when I am confused. Though I do imagine great deal of neurons working hard to connect with one another.

Why the Pain of Confusion?

Just being mildly confused alone doesn’t seem to be enough to cause pain. The pain of confusion comes when pressure is applied.

The kind of pressure I am talking about is when something needs to be accomplished by a deadline and aren’t sure how. Throw in an overly critical self-voice  that doesn’t know healthy expectation to go along with this and we have a recipe for painful learning. 

When I am in the pain part of confusion I can become ultra-sensitive. I take it that I have a massive amount of electrical activity going on between my ears.

If someone even talks around me they may get a dirty look. I may even be on the verge of telling these unsuspecting offenders some unnecessary pieces of my mind.

head stress.jpg

Now this depth of confusion is hopefully not a constant thing for you. But when there is pressure to meet a deadline that we don’t exactly know how to meet, it is likely that we will find ourselves in this mental state.

If you are like me, having high desire for a successful life and working to get it, then you will not likely be able to avoid these feelings. But with some simple methods you can ease the pain of confusion, so it doesn’t have you throwing objects or cursing people out.

5 Methods for Easing Through Painful Learning.

1. Begin Projects early

Going to College taught me that if I leave things to the last minute, I am setting myself up for a great deal of stress.

Spacing out my learning over a longer period of time, makes it more likely that I will not be as hopelessly confused the night before something is due.

2. Breathe

When getting sensitive and angry while confused, concentrating on breathing is imperative. The breathes help create a space to settle down and relax the brain so that it isn’t so tense anymore.

3. Take breaks

I’ve found that if I work on a challenging problem for too long, it is easy to become pissed. When the stress is building to an uncomfortable level, it is time to put the work aside, at least for a little while anyway.

4. Stretch

Even taking a couple of minutes to do a little stretching can relieve a lot of that stress that is building in our extremities. This can help the brain relax since it ends up getting fewer messages of tenseness from the body.

The brain can receive more freedom to be creative on a project, simply by doing a little stretching.

5. Sleep on it

Sleep can be like a long break. It has a way of untangling the mess that is in a brain.

I have gone to sleep completely confused then woke up mentally clear and recharged many times.

That sleep recharge has helped bring important new ideas to problems being solved. If I would have just kept working on it through the night, I can only imagine I would turn these problems into jumbled messes.

The Good aspects of Confusion.

Where there is confusion, there is learning. To me, that is the good news. I, would even venture an assumption that the stronger the confusion, the more learning is happening.

That there is confusion, lets us know that we are challenging ourselves. Challenging ourselves happens to be uncomfortable. But not creating sufficient challenges for ourselves will lead to a boring yet stressful existence.

I also find it to be true that the greater the confusion equals a greater sense of satisfaction once the thing is learned and the project is complete.

There is great feelings in figuring out something that has been giving a good challenge. Knowing that many of those possibly dormant neurons got educated well and got to make new connections actually can give hope for more having more success in the future.

Being able to surprise ourselves with unexpected successful results feels amazing.

A few last words.

The last couple things I have to say to you all about confusion is, welcome it. Challenge yourself, make yourself think.

Learning more and challenging our abilities, actually can help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease.

Now I cannot say what is a healthy amount of challenge for everybody. I can only figure that out for myself. Everybody will have a different level of confusion that they can handle.

But I do believe that if we listen to our instincts close enough, they will let us know what is a challenge we should take on and one that is better left for later.

Thank you so much for stopping in to My Life Experiment today. What was written here comes from experience, learning, struggle and growth.

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