Easing the Difficulties of the Process of Self-Discovery.

The process of Self-discovery is a wonderful thing. Though it is not necessarily an easy process, it is a process that will likely lead to our best life’s fulfillment.

I see this process as one that is an uncovering of our deepest nooks and crannies. Much like digging to the center of our deepest selves. This is a process that if given our self due-diligence, will offer us beautiful new insights into our own depths. We will find ambitions and desires that will keep us occupied for a lifetime.

So let us dig into the topic of Self-discovery to find it’s difficulties. As well as finding ways to help ease us through with as little pain and suffering as possible.

What is the Process Self-discovery?

A human being is much more than meets the eye. Within each of us there is knowledge and potential that if found and applied to life, can be a vital force in the world. But until this knowledge and these energies are found and related with, they are dormant, unused and liable to get lonely and angry.

The process of self-discovery as I know it is one that takes us on a path to find out who we are. It leads us to come to understand our bodies’ impulses, to find why they cause the desire to think, to feel, and to express themselves in the ways that they do. As well as a process of coming to terms with what we believe and why we believe what we believe.

The process of discovering ourselves is about reclaiming pieces of ourselves that we quite possibly have never had a chance to meet. As well as finally giving these newly found energies the freedom to create in healthy ways. There is much to learn about ourselves on this journey, as well as much to leave behind.

To discover more within ourselves makes available more resources to grow ourselves. It makes it possible to be more authentic individuals. Though there is so much to gain by truly getting to know ourselves, this journey is not without its difficulties.

Some Difficulties of Discovering Ourselves.

Discovering more about ourselves most certainly has its difficulties. This process is a journey into the unknown. Even though that unknown is inside a body we have lived with our entire lives. Much of the reason we are not aware of these aspects of ourselves could be because there is pain associated with their becoming visible to us. Even if we don’t realize it we shield ourselves from relating with them. 

Much of the energies the process of self-discovery seeks to find, seek to be found. They knock on the doors of our consciousness, sending hints at their whereabouts. For them to be found, to have them be made sense of, to be related with, is to be freed. But to make sense of them is to come to terms with the reality of where they came from.

Another difficulty on the path to getting to know ourselves is that many things we once believed about ourselves may turn out to be untrue. It can be an unsettling thing to have the reality of ourselves turn out not to be what we thought. Especially if it is about an aspect of ourselves that we have held as a firm belief. Discovering the depths of ourselves will inevitably force us to drop long-held beliefs we have about ourselves. Possibly making our worlds make much less sense as we process the new self-information.

Continually learning about ourselves leads us to many opportunities to grow, but also forces us to change with the new information. Or hide the new reality to protect what we believe. It isn’t easy to stay open to a state of continual change. The realities of life are difficult to swallow and the process of self-discovery requires to stare it all in the face.

Easing the Pains of Getting to Know Ourselves.

Through the process of getting to know the deepest parts of ourselves, we will not like all of the pieces that we meet. We will have impulses triggered that will not be pleasant to recognize and feel.

The process of self-discovery begins with triggering these pieces of ourselves by showing up for our lives, taking risks and challenging ourselves. Then taking those triggered impulses, looking at them directly, feeling them and accepting their reality. Giving them both meaning, as well as healing.

There are different methods of coming to terms with these impulses, or tools to use on the path to self-discovery. Such as using a therapeutic writing process, meditating in some fashion, talking with trusted individuals, reading books on spirituality and self-development, exercising, being grateful. All of these methods are important on the path of self-discovery.

But while on the path there are some important things to keep in mind to help ease the pain of getting to know ourselves.

Being Kind but Firm While Accepting our New Realities.

While discovering who we are we are bound to be introduced to self-truths that we will not appreciate. But remember, not every “self-truth” we believe will be reality. Also not every self-truth we don’t believe will be an illusion, it may something we don’t like.

Whether the self-information that shows up to us is real or illusory, accepting the new reality is of the utmost importance. There is no need to beat ourselves up for not seeing this sooner, or being evil because we are a certain way. We can let ourselves know we are doing the best we can with what we have. And that we simply didn’t have that info up to this point. We were misled by our own lack of self-knowledge. This doesn’t equate to being stupid, many of the brightest people in the world are unaware of aspects of themselves.

We need to be kind to ourselves when learning about ourselves. Self-discovery can be tough work. But it also isn’t good practice to be too lenient ourselves under the disguise of self-love. We need to take the risks that will trigger this process. Avoiding these risks is avoiding our lives, and we will remain uninformed of much about ourselves. Be kind, but also be firm and steadfast to the commitment to gain self-knowledge and grow. Be vigilant in writing in that journal, breathing mindfully, reading books and feeling emotions. Those are all ways that we can be kind to ourselves, as long as we do these activities in a kind way.

Take Breaks and Have some Fun.

It is important to be doing some form of self-knowledge seeking daily. But if done too consistently, too often, and too seriously it may leave pieces of ourselves wanting a break, and to have some fun. Although the process of getting to know ourselves can be fun, it also may begin to feel overwhelming. When feeling overwhelmed it is probably time to take a break. So take a break, have some fun, sit back and watch some Netflix, have a laugh, have some fun, immerse yourself in some sort of healthy distraction! Do whatever you need to do to release that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm, in a healthy way of course.

Getting to know ourselves is an amazing and important process, but it doesn’t need to replace having a good time with life. Life should be enjoyed. The path to self-discovery can enhance that enjoyment. But the process can be made forced and rigid. It doesn’t need to be. Life is relatively short, get to know yourself, be committed, be grateful, and have a good time.

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