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About the writers of My Life Experiment.

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Hey everybody this is Travis and Casey Hagen! We write and maintain My Life Experiment.

We met in recovery from addiction, got married in recovery. We are now building our own family in recovery.

That we both ended up in recovery shows that we spent periods of our lives experimenting in dangerous and unhealthy ways. We have survived our old lives and now actively worked to heal our pasts through healing our emotions in the present, for many years now. Over the years we have developed many methods for healing our lives, and experimenting with healthy principles and actions.

We have our own issues to deal with no doubt, but that is not what we are here to focus on.  What we are here to focus on is finding ways to heal our emotions, experiment mindfully, and develop better relationships with ourselves and others.

So yes, maybe each of us did go through many hardships because of unhealthy experimentation, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with experimenting with new ways of doing things.

It also doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with trying to get to the bottom of how things work. Because, we believe there is something inside both of our natures that enjoys experimenting with life, self examination and finding new ways to succeed.

In this blog we will let you into our own individual lives, with our own individual perspectives. But we have one purpose in action. To use what we have learned over the years to help benefit you. We are offering up practical life advice that can be used by all walks of life. Not just addicts, not just those with mental health problems, but anybody that seeks to live a well thought out, and balanced existence.

Life is full of ups and downs and no doubt pain. But life is also full of continual opportunities to get to heal, grow, and develop healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Thank you so much for stopping in!



Travis and Casey Hagen

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Welcome! We are Travis and Casey Hagen, the writer’s and owner’s of My Life Experiment. As recovering Individuals, we are no strangers to leaving behind dysfunctional ways of living. Over the years we have become adept at managing our intense mental and emotional worlds. Finding healing from the past, peace in the present and new ways to bring about success for our futures. Life is meant to be lived. That is why we promote Healthy Life Experimentation Principles for connecting with ourselves, our relationships, and finding healthier ways of bringing about success in our lives. Stick around and pick up what we have learned. You will not be disappointed.

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Contact The My Life Experiment Writers.

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