Hi i am Travis! So, when I was a little kid I loved to tinker with things, it was just in my nature. I seen a picture of me as a toddler with a hammer in my hand trying to fix something at my grandmas, while in my underwear. I also remember taking apart and putting back together, radios, paint ball guns, and any other object I became curious about.

Like I said, “there is something in my nature that enjoys tinkering with things”, but don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t always led me to good places! Throughout much of my life this “tinkering” was quite misguided and helped cause a heavy amount of pain for myself and others close to me. I was always willing to push pretty much every button available for many years. Whether that meant getting laughs in school by being difficult with teachers, pushing my families patience, or trying pretty much anything that would alter my consciousness.

So yes, I went through a lot of hardships because of my “tinkering” with things, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with messing with the current state of things. It also doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with trying to get to the bottom of how things work. Because, like I said “there is something in my nature” that enjoys this process. But I have definitely had to hone and need to continue honing a better way to partake in this process.

In this blog I will let you into my life and show you my process of “tinkering” with the current state of my life in order to make it more effective and hopefully more enjoyable! I have plenty of new experiences coming up, such as moving into my first house, and a soon arrival of my wife and I’s first child. With a constant supply of new opportunities to learn about and tinker with, there will be plenty to talk about. Welcome to the ups and downs, enjoyment and pain of My Life Experiment.