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  • Finding Freedom by Offering Forgiveness to Others.

    Finding Freedom by Offering Forgiveness to Others.

    Forgiveness: What is it? What is it to forgive? To forgive is to release the anger or resentment that is felt because of an offense, flaw or mistake. Forgiveness isn’t necessarily about reconciling relationships, though it could lead to that. But forgiveness most certainly is a decision we make to give ourselves the ability to…

  • Maintaining Healthy Communication Through Differences.

    Maintaining Healthy Communication Through Differences.

    Good communication in any relationship is essential for continued growth. As well as keeping problems from growing into something that could tear them apart. I bet it isn’t a surprise for any of you to hear that communication is important for relationship health. Then why is that somewhere around 65% of divorcees site that communication…

  • Managing Feelings of Rejection.

    Managing Feelings of Rejection.

    Any individual that is making an effort at building a life worth fighting for is going to have to face rejection. We are going to have our efforts pushed back in our faces from time to time. Maybe in ways that are meant to hurt, possibly in gentle ways. The rejection could just be from…

  • Giving Up Complaining.

    Giving Up Complaining.

    I’m sure if you are anything like me, then you find yourself complaining about this or that throughout your day. It comes easily when we are upset about how something played out. Or maybe the way that someone treated us at work or in any other of our relationships. We all do it from time…

  • Developing Healthy Personal Boundaries.

    Developing Healthy Personal Boundaries.

    pain to learn. As difficult as they can be to navigate, I need healthy relationships. But in order to have healthy relationships, personal boundaries need to be established. In this article, we will discuss what healthy personal boundaries tend to look like. As well as discussing some manageable ways to develop them. What are Personal…

  • Trusting: Finding a  Healthy Path for Giving Our Trust.

    Trusting: Finding a Healthy Path for Giving Our Trust.

    Trust and Being Actively Trusting. Life without being able to give our trust to others is a lonely undertaking. Of course, trusting others can lead to painful situations when things go badly in relationships. But it also an ingredient that is entirely necessary to maintain healthy relationships. Let’s take a little deeper look at this…

  • Lessening Suffering By Being Teachable.

    Lessening Suffering By Being Teachable.

    In the last 10 years that I have been in recovery from addiction, a certain principle has been immensely important to my success. That principle is remaining TEACHABLE. My History with Being Teachable. This guys history with being teachable before recovery is a horribly checkered one. I don’t remember much of being really young. But…

  • Releasing from Perfectionism Mindset.

    Releasing from Perfectionism Mindset.

    So I was at a recovery meeting the other day and an individual shared something that struck a heavy chord with me about Perfectionism. What was shared sparked the realization that my brain tended to get stuck in a state of Perfectionism. Meaning, a state, that while I am in it, I am constantly judging…

  • Allowing Expectations for Our Success.

    Allowing Expectations for Our Success.

    9 Habits that make it easier to allow my relationships expectations for me.